Molecular Diagnostics

ZytoVision GmbH represents a German Manufacturer developing and producing in situ hybridization (ISH) based solutions. The professional use of our products provides a valuable molecular tool for supporting diagnoses and treatment decisions particularly in cancer diagnostics. The majority of our products are approved for use as In vitro Diagnostics(CE-IVD) in Europe and a number of non-Europe countries. ZytoVision is strongly focused on development of companion diagnostics which allow application of targeted and individual therapy in cancer.
In clinical trials designed to approve new powerful drugs based on companion diagnostics, ZytoVision comprise development of validated ISH assays, molecular profiling of patients, and development of companion diagnostics.
Currently, more than 200 products by ZytoVision are strongly established on the market for molecular diagnostics and are available in more than 70 countries worldwide.

Diagnostic Solutions based on In Situ Hybridization

What we offer

Based on innovations, the highest product quality, and attractive prices ZytoVision is strongly established on the market and offer more than 200 products in three product lines:
• The ZytoFast ® products enable an outstandingly fast detection of human pathogen viruses (e.g high-risk HPV viruses causing cervix cancer) and lymphocyte clonality involved in tumorgenesis.
• The ZytoLight ® products allow for highly specific and sensitive detection of genetic aberrations using fluorescence in situ hybridization e.g HER2-test, which supports the selection of the appropriate therapy in malignant breast tumors.
• The ZytoDot ® products detect chromosomal changes, present in tumors, using colored precipitates visible in the light microscope (e.g ALK-test as an important diagnostic and predictive factor in lung cancer).

What we are looking for

ZytoVision is looking for subcontracting / outsourcing activities of coordinators/sponsors in the field of research projects and analyses in clinical trials worldwide.
ZytoVision is also looking for distributor partnerships in Argentina, Poland, and Ukraine.

Collaboration sought

  • Research & Development
  • Technical Co-operation
  • Licence Agreement


Mr Dr. Piere Rogalla

Managing Director

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