Biohybrid systems, Biosensors

The IMS in Duisburg, Germany, one of 65 institutes of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, is involved in contract R&D of CMOS based circuits and systems for medical, automotive and industrial applications as well as the development of integrated (Bio-)MEMS devices and sensors. The Department for Micro- and Nanosensors led by Prof. M. Kraft consists of two groups, Bio Hybrid Systems and Medical Pressure Sensors. Current project highlights include an implantable pressure sensor to measure blood pressure and a non-invasive Glucose sensor measuring sugar concentration in the tear fluid. The sensors and systems developed typically rely on integrated CMOS electronics whose functionality is extended by compatible post-processing. The institute offers a unique combination of ISO9001 certified facilities: a professional CMOS class 10 clean room, a clean room dedicated to N/MEMS devices, and a newly opened bio-laboratory for functionalization of electrodes, microfluidic techncology and biochemical characterization equipment.

Bio-hybrid systems and Biosensors

What we offer

- Development of integrated biohybrid systems
- Electro-chemical sensors
- Immuno-sensors
- Customer-specific sensors and diagnostic systems
- Sensors for intelligent implants
- Sensors for allergens
- “More than Moore” : Post-Processing modifications of CMOS technology with organic structures
- Biomedical applications (e.g. measurement of enzyme concentration such as Glucose and Lactate)
- Food analysis and food process control
- Bioreactor parameter sensing
We particularly offer know-how and world-class facilities for the integration of biosensors with electronics.

What we are looking for

We are looking for industrial partners wanting to engage in product orientated R&D either in customer specific projects or (inter-)national consortia in publically funded projects. Partners targeted should aim to develop a product with the help of our expertise and facilities within 2-5 years. We looking for strategic partners for:
- Quantitative bio-sensing
- Label-free Sensors
- Sensing in physiological fluids
- intelligent implants
- food processing quality monitoring
- water quality

Collaboration sought

  • Research & Development
  • Technical Co-operation


Mr Prof. Dr. Michael Kraft

Head of Department

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