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IBA GmbH is dedicated to high quality tools for life science research. We provide solutions for the entire production chain of recombinant proteins, from oligo synthesis, cloning, transfection, protein expression and purification, to detection,immobilization and assay.
We also deliver new tools for immunology research with a growing line of tag-based reagents for cell isolation. We support our customers in the life sciences industry and academia from early discovery to commercialization. The know-how and innovative approach qualifies IBA as the ideal partner for pharmaceutical and biotech industry. The wide-ranging product portfolio is enhanced by a comprehensive customer service.
IBA GmbH distributes its product portfolio world-wide through a growing network of distributors and sales channels.
Cloning (“StarGate®”HTS compatible combinatorial cloning system)
Protein purification and interaction (Strep-Tag®, Twin-Strep-tag®)
Transfection (Magnet Assisted Transfection, MagTag®)
Cell selection (Streptamer®)
Nucleic acid specialties

Product Portfolio
IBA’s nucleic acid division has a focus on specialized nucleic acid custom services and off the- shelf products. These include RNA oligonucleotides, chimers, triphosphates, modified and labeled nucleic acids (e.g. for realtime PCR). The new Click Chemistry enables for the first time new dye combinations with unsurpassed labeling densities. The proven expertise in the production of doublestranded RNA for interference studies and suitable siRNA transfection reagents is valued
by our customers. Next generation building blocks to tune hybridization specificity are also available.

“StarGate®” is a smart combinatorial cloning system also suitable for HTS applications. It allows an easy and systematical transfer of any gene of interest into a multitude of host/ tag combinations, offering exceptional advantages over other cloning systems.

The gentle Magnet Assisted Transfection System “MATra” provides efficient transfection of a large range of cell lines with minimal cell damage.

Protein Isolation and Interaction
IBA’s Strep-tag®/Strep-Tactin® system is the number one recommendation for protein purification.
This universal and patented technology platform can be used for one-step purification, detection and assays of highly pure and bioactive proteins. The new Twin-Streptag allows the isolation of multi-protein complexes and the analysis of protein-protein interactions.
In addition, IBA´s Strep-tag portfolio is also highly suited for diagnostic assays and immobilization.

Cell Selection
The Streptamer® reagents allow isolation and staining of even rare target cells with reversible reagents. Cells can be selected magnetically or by FACS. As the cells are completely unaltered, they give a native response in downstream assays and clinical applications.

Contract manufacturing services for large scale production of recombinant proteins meeting international quality standards.

Biological Patents
Strep-tag®, Strep-Tactin®; tetracycline promoter; StarGate®; Streptamer®

Technologies & Reagents for GeneTAGnology/ProteinTAGnology/CellTAGnology

What we offer

Area of expertise: GeneTAGnology/ProteinTAGnology/CellTAGnology

Offer: products & technologies in above mentioend areas, R&D cooprations

What we are looking for

complementary technologies, partners interested in cooperation - R&D or businesswise

Collaboration sought

  • Research & Development
  • Technical Co-operation
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Mr PD Dr. Joachim Bertram

Managing Director, CSO

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