Regenerative Research

The Department of Plastic, Hand and Reconstructive Surgery with the Laboratory of Regenerative Biology in Plastic Surgery is part of Hannover Medical School in Hannover, Germany.
The research activities of the department focus on regenerative medicine and tissue engineering.

Biocompatible nerve guidance conduit for neuroregeneration

What we offer

Spider silk, famous for its mechanical characteristics as extreme dilatability and tensile strength, offers a broad medical application spectrum. A new type of fully biocompatible nerve guidance conduit has been constructed by lining decellularized autologous venules with spider silk collected from Nephila. The material is proteolytically degradable, thus making it an ideal biological scaffold. Experiments demonstrated that the conduits were well vascularised without any signs of inflammation or foreign body reactions. Axonal growth bridged the gap between the proximal and distal parts of the axon within the conduit at longer distances those reached with conventional techniques. Furthermore spider silk can be used as scaffold for tissue engineering.

What we are looking for

For our clinical study of peripheral nerve regeneration with spider silk we are searching for investors. Furthermore we offer a technology for the generation of spider silk scaffolds in the field of tissue engineering and wound care.

Collaboration sought

  • Licence Agreement
  • Commercial Agreement


Ms Dr. Sarah Strauß

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