ROWIAK GmbH was founded as a spin-off from the Laser Zentrum Hannover. The company is dedicated to the application of femtosecond laser technology and its controlled interaction with biological tissue for life sciences research and ophthalmic surgery. ROWIAK Life Sciences has developed cutting-edge high quality laser instruments for tissue processing and cell manipulation combined with concurrent imaging. In addition, ROWIAK Life Sciences also provides high quality services in laser based tissue and material sample preparation.

Gentle laser based tissue and cell processing and imaging

What we offer

ROWIAK Life Sciences’ basic technology is three-dimensional, non-contact cutting laser systems in combination with high-end imaging technique. The laser microtome is a multipurpose sectioning device, which cuts tissue or other material by femtosecond lasers instead of steel blades. The contact-free method enables to cut tissue, even hard tissue or biomaterials in its native state without prior special preparation techniques.
The CellSurgeon is a nanodissection tool that allows gentle manipulation of living cells and subcellular structures. The manipulation can be fully controlled by advanced imaging, e.g. multiphoton microscopy. It provides a versatile platform for novel approaches to understand cellular mechanisms. Application possibilities are manifold.

What we are looking for

Looking for distributors and customers, e.g. CROs, Tissue Engineering companies, stent supplier, pharma research who
1. need easy and quick high quality sample preparation for microscopic analysis, e.g. of biomaterials, hard tissue, tissue including stents. ROWIAK provides a laser microtome (TissueSurgeon) and sample preparation services.
2. are interested in optical cell manipulation, high resolution imaging and long term cell monitoring. ROWIAK provides a nanodissection tool (CellSurgeon) for gentle cell manipulation and high resolution imaging such as multiphoton microscopy. It provides a versatile platform for various applications, e.g. cutting of microfilaments, thrombus induction or cell transfection by optoporation, especially appealing for sensitive primary or stem cells.

Collaboration sought

  • Research & Development
  • Technical Co-operation
  • Joint Venture Agreement
  • Licence Agreement
  • Commercial Agreement


Ms Dr. Birgitta Stolze

Managing Director

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