Volpi develops and produces optoelectronic systems, measurement systems and fiber-optical subsystems. With locations in Schlieren (Switzerland) and Auburn (NY, USA), the company is centrally represented in the European and American economic areas.
Again and again, its employees work out innovative solutions in the area of photonics and thus meet the high requirements of customers in the target markets of life science, diagnostics, medical technology, endoscopy and image processing (machine vision).
An important focus is on customized solutions that can be well integrated in the most varied applications and are coordinated with the respective application requirements.

We develop and producing optical solution for Life Science application

What we offer

We develop and producing OEM Systems for:

custom fluorescence microscope
NGS (Next Generation Sequencing)
optical readout system for kapillar gelelektrophorese
homogeneous UV-light for gelelektrophorese
fiberoptic multiwellplatte reader
custom miniaturized absorbtionsystems
biomedical sensors
microbiological diagnostics
laserbased fluorescence measurement
endoscope measurement technologly
space-resolved thinfilm measurement
Optische Messanordnung für Mikrofluidik - Cartridge
fluorescence measurement technique
optical Kohärenztomografie (OCT)

What we are looking for

customer in the field of life science and medical

Collaboration sought

  • Research & Development
  • Technical Co-operation
  • Manufacturing Agreement


Mr Stephan Humbert

Business Development Manager

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