Laboratory Software Solutions (LIMS)

AAC Infotray AG from Winterthur, Switzerland develops a line of software products called Limsophy. Its main focus are database solutions for laboratories of the chemical, biotech and food industries. All employees with customer contact hold a higher degree in life sciences and therefore speak the language of the customer. Based on our standardized Limsophy products, our client consultants also integrate custom solutions if needed.
RALIMS is a widely recognized new solution to integrate data from R&D and analytical laboratories into one application.

Limsophy RALIMS - the new data management concept

What we offer

AAC Infotray AG has developed a new kind of software that inspires people from the fields of research and chemical analysis alike. With our newest RALIMS technology, borders between a LIMS for chemical analysis laboratories and a ELN for R&D departments disappear. For the first time, data can be managed inter-departmentally in one software solution to ensure optimal information flow.

What we are looking for

Limsophy products implement unique technologies that make our laboratory software independent of industry sectors. Whether a prospective client works in the fields of pharma, life sciences, food&beverages or chemistry, our consultants will provide the right solution for you.

Collaboration sought

  • Technical Co-operation
  • Licence Agreement
  • Commercial Agreement


Mr Oliver Gruber

Project Manager
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